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For some moms, there comes a moment when you realize you created an actual HUMAN BEING. You are a CREATOR. A force of nature. You did that. And then, a new, slightly less badass realization: you’re also responsible for creating that tiny human’s life and all they experience for the next however-many years. 

That’s one hell of a creative brief.

Here’s a hot take. It’s not just about creating a life where your children are free to grow and thrive—it’s about creating a life where YOU are free to do the same, whatever that looks like. It’s about breaking free from the shoulds, should-nots, do’s, don’t’s, and all the other complex and crazy expectations thrust upon us. Can’t we be dope ass moms AND our dope ass selves?

I certainly think so.




If my kids can take dance classes, I can too. If my kids can wear crazy, bright outfits, I’m definitely going to show my bold, funky side. If my kids are starting preschool, why can’t I get my master’s? Spoiler alert: I can. And I did. 

I nabbed my degree in Spiritual Psychology and am now a licensed coach at UCSM. More recently, I combined my love of comedy with my passion for inner transformation, and released my web series, Dope Ass Mom Tips, which you can follow along on my Instagram, @andrealevoff and on my blog,

But I still have more to give. What I’ve unlocked in myself is exactly what I’m hoping to unlock in as many other people as possible. And that is someone who is FREE. Free from social constraints, free from judgment, and free to be whoever the hell we want.  

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