Happy Halloween from Me and EYN!

I must confess Halloween has not always been my favorite holiday. Like most holidays it has a lot of hype that it just doesn't live up to. After I had kids it instantly became more fun. Who doesn't love dressing up tiny human blobs in furry bear costumes and obsessively kissing and hugging them? Then a funny thing happens, your kids get older and they embrace their own opinions and you really don't have a lot of control over what they want to wear.


That's why this year I decided to embrace it for myself again and go all out on an adult Halloween costume. I have to say being in my 30s with kids really made me appreciate going out in a questionable outfit (was i wearing pants?) and throwing caution to the wind for a moment in time. 

The next day I wore the same wig for a more wholesome interpretation of Halloween. I feel like I definitely nailed two major parts of myself, the good witch and the bad witch circus freak.


I hope everyone had a fun Halloween and got to express parts of yourself that you may have been hiding! BOOOOOO! 



P.S. You know what's scarier than Ghosts and Goblins? Carrying a purse that doesn't match your costume! I'm not sure what conjoined freakshow twins carried in the 1800s but I'm pretty certain it wasn't Gucci! 

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Andrea Levoff