It's happening!

It's official y'all.

Kids across the globe are mental terrorists hell bent on breaking us down through sleep deprivation. How do I know this for sure, you might ask..

I've gotten tons of feedback that others have said the exact same thing to their kids. I've seen men comment that they can relate and I've gotten weird messages from names I can't pronounce saying "I like mum's dope ass."  Which says to me two things;  It's an idea that resonates with everyone and I need to start changing my passwords on the regular. 

This past Sunday I sent them out to my a few of my closest peeps and their responses were so touching. 

My first inclination was to read through them quickly, say " thank you" and move on.  I mean really how many times in our lives do we receive a compliment but not really receive it? 

I made it a point to read every single response, take a breath and take it in. 

What a different experience! I was immediately filled with gratitude for the relationships I had formed but most importantly for myself! I felt my heart opening and I felt every word from every single person swallow me up like a big warm hug! 

Next time someone gives you a compliment, pause and take it in. It's not conceded to receive something that is meant just for you. Sharing ( and receiving)  gratitude immediately raises our vibration and boosts those feel good chemicals in our brains. 

On a larger scale I am glad my series is resonating with so many peeps. It makes me feel like I'm not alone in the bedtime struggle and that no matter how much meditation I do it's still easy to lose my shit the 27th time my kid gets out of bed. 




Andrea Levoff