Link Roundup

I’ve scoured the web for my favorite articles and curated a list that I hope you will find funny and compelling as well. Enjoy my InterWeb findings from a genius app that freezes your kid’s phone until they answer you back to a bra that does it all (literally!)! Have you seen any other articles that I should know about? Link them below in the comments and let's discuss!

Photo Credit: Hello Giggles

Photo Credit: Hello Giggles

1. Salad,  Salud!

2. This dad is a genius, see why by checking out this link.

3. The Chicago winter is a real struggle bus, but this guide is helping me out a bit!

4. Channing my inner Anna Wintour from home.

5. I love this more than Kanye loves Kanye.

6. Say cheese!

7. Bra-vo!

8. I can’t stop laughing at Sarah Paulson’s impression of Drew Barrymore. Press play here to see what I’m talking about!

Andrea Levoff