I have officially declared the theme of 2018 is Joy. To me this equals lots of time with girlfriends and lots of travel.

On this edition of YOLO, Miami was spent with my best friend from the 7th grade. With 4 kids between us, it’s not easy to get alone time together. So when she mentioned a weekend jaunt in Miami, I was ready to go!

File May 07, 10 48 44 AM.jpeg

We stayed in South Beach, the heart of it all and you guys, I just love it there. 


1 Hotel South Beach
I can't say enough about this hotel. By far the best part was the two KING beds to a room. As someone who rarely sleeps without what feels like 15 people on top of me, having a king bed all to myself is the equivalent of total freedom. Picture the final scene of The Shawshank Redemption where Andy is standing in the rain. 


Poa at Faena
If you are looking for a scene and good food, this is the place. Katheryn and I went in with a plan. We didn't want to ruin our buzz with a long drawn out meal. We told the waiter we didn't want too much food and we wanted it quick. I'm pretty sure he doesn't hear this a lot in the restaurant but he was happy to oblige. We had a wonderful appetizer and some fried rice dish. Holy beezuses it was good. But onward and upward we went! 

File May 06, 6 16 15 PM.jpeg

Brunch at Cecconi's - Ok guys. I have to admit I'm not great at brunch. When given an infinite choice of options I tend to pick the worst combinations and in the wrong order. However at Cecconi's it's hard to go wrong. Even though I chose seafood salad, lasagna, a bagel with cream cheese and tiramisu all on one plate, it somehow worked out. It's that good. 

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The Webster
The Webster is a curated boutique of everything you want but can't afford. Whenever I go I just like to look around at all the pretty things and picture a life where I am able to buy them. Sound depressing? We can't be friends. 


This chic dinner spot that turns into a club around 11 really had me stumped. So stumped that I had to go both nights to see if I could figure it out. I mean where else do you find people dancing on tables next to a group of guys eating a steak dinner. All I know is the food is really good and the music and dancing is even better. Combine them so I don't have to move to a secondary location and you have my heart. 

The Living Room at the Faena 

The decor is what my dreams are made of. Leopard sofas, dark sultry fabrics, and sexy textures. I could just slink around this living room all night. The live music is always fun and the people watching is so good. We came here before Bagatelle and it the perfect precursor to a night of dancing. 


That's it, ya'll. I love Miami so much, I will definitely be back soon. Until then, I'll be dreaming about that king bed...